Galfar Facility Management is an integral division of the Galfar AL Misnad Group. Galfar Facility Management works together with your business with day-to-day management of the processes and automation of operations. It provides a management dashboard for critical analysis and enables enterprise wide control in the most intelligent and efficient way. GFM offers an environment for enhanced productivity, safety, comfort, convenience and cost effective operations through seamless integration, interaction and optimization of all functional control systems in real time.

GFM not only integrates and simplifies operation of facilities and building systems, but also links them to the enterprise management systems allowing enterprise-wide connectivity as well as monitoring and reporting vital operational information.

GFM focuses on improving our clients’ operations through proactive, corrective maintenance that reduces emergency breakdowns.


  • Real property inventory (RPI)
  • Asset inventory, controls and monitoring
  • Central maintenance monitoring stations (CMMS)
  • House keeping & Mechanized cleaning services
  • Vendor management
  • Pest control, Gardening & Landscaping
  • Security & other allied services
  • Waste management
  • Helpdesk outsourcing
  • Environmental solutions
  • Existing FM process improvements
  • IT, Communication, BMS, Remote monitoring and controls.
  • Reduction in maintenance cost at least by 20% to 25%
  • Pooling of resources
  • Web enabled system
  • Maximizes the "Return on Investment"


Health Care Facility Management

Business Enterprise Facility Management

Residential Facility Management

Commercial Facility Management

Facility Maintanance is on-call and online 24/7/365



GFM is staffed with seasoned experts,enriched by resources and equipped with systems so as to reliably and efficiently maintain your facilities . As your infrastructure ages, our experts have access to specialists who can guide you through asset upgrades and improvements.

  • Certification in ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Systems
  • Certification in ISO 14001:2004 for Environment Management Systems
  • Certification in OHSAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health & Safety
  • Certification in ISO/TS 29001:2010(With Design) for O & G and Petrochemical sector
  • Class A Grade' certification from CTC
  • 'Grade 1' certification from KAHRAMAA
  • A workforce exceeding 3500 numbers
  • More than 1250 numbers of Brand New Plant and Equipment's


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GFM specialise in healthcare consultancy, and hospital facility management. We offer specialised consultancy supporting a range of key aspects of hospital planning, with the core objective of delivering a fully equipped facility, within budget, which is ergonomically designed for all specialized medical activities.

We work closely with the client and health planners in order to produce fully comprehensive and affordable medical equipment.

  • Guarantee service outcomes
  • Maximize staff productivity
  • Improve revenue stream
  • Ensure consistently high levels of cleanliness
  • Increase focus on patient care
  • Raise patient and staff satisfaction
  • Employ environmentally
  • Prevent hospital-acquired infection


Galfar Facility Management (GFM) is offering an array of customized and flexible services to ensure the smooth running and functioning of your company without the hassle of you facing day-to-day complications.

Financial protection of property is the prime concern of a property owner, be it health service property, commercial or personal comforters like houses, villas, high rise residential apartments. Flawless enjoyment of utilities of property is the ultimate purpose of property ownership. Any dwelling facility can retain its beauty and utility value only when it is appropriately managed.

Application of value engineering concepts at every stage of value addition in the service process is vital to strategic maintenance of property with the extensive experience and expertise gained from decades of engineering services to prestigious organizations, GFM assures ideal facility management solutions.


  • Q:Domain Knowledge of GFM in the Industry

    Our wide experience in various domains like Enterprise resource planning, Supply chain management, Facilities management, Building management, Materials management, Asset management, Human resource and Payroll, Warehouse management, Work flow management and many more areas is a huge asset while designing large and complex business software systems to match the best in the industry.

  • Q:About team GFM

    Our whole team is a self-motivated, highly focused group of skilled engineers who are always ready to extend their maximum support to our customers, spend the extra bit of time and show special care all the time. We have 24/7/365 Help Desk

  • Q:Outsourcing Experience

    Our experience in handling several clients across the world either directly or through our partners making best use of the communication technologies and the successful implementations prove our credentials in handling outsourced projects.We have 24/7/365 Help Desk and CMMS [central maintenance monitoring station]

  • Q:GFM’s Technology Maturity

    Our experience in handling projects in many development platforms and the technology focused expertise of the platform specific teams can delivery the best in technology to our clients.

  • Q:Process Maturity

    Our planned methodology of handling various phases of projects: risk identification and mitigation, maintenance of several levels of detailed documentation, buffering of staffing on projects, has evolved out of the proficiency we have gained over years. This proficiency which is implemented and continuously monitored and improvised company wide works to our clients' benefit.GFM Facility Maintenance is on-call and online 24/7/365.Issues are diagnosed, managed and resolved efficiently.

  • Q:GFM in health facilities

    Health Facilities and Asset Management brings a new way of thinking to facilities management problems. Provision of a highly skilled management team based on the client site, together with a international support infrastructure, GFM offers more than just the management and operation of traditional trade-based service.

  • Q:Scope of GFM - Health care consultancy

    • Inspection, verification and approval of supplier invoices
    • Inspection of medical equipment and furniture
    • Advice regarding installation, commissioning and testing of equipment
    • Monitoring and control of the hospital hand-over process
    • Advice on pre-installation requirements


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Call Center: (+974) 40320000
Tel: (+974) 44677518 / 44677524 / 44677238
Fax: (+974) 44677519 / 44876349
Email: fm@galfarqatar.com.qa , info@gfmqatar.com.qa


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